Play-Place for Autistic Children
Authored By: Sterling Heights Office on Metro Parkway on 9/1/2018

Play-Place for Autistic Children

Supported by our office in Sterling Heights on Metro Parkway

Play-Place for Autistic Children


Supporting the Play-Place Center is much more than just a donation. Witnessing firsthand all of the remarkable opportunities offered to children with autism and other disabilities, I am in awe of what Play-Place has created. Having a place where children can be themselves, as well as allowing parents to have a community of support is incredible.

Vivian S., Teller



Started in 2016 by a local mother with a dream to provide a fun-filled, judgment-free, haven of hope for families challenged with the everyday nuances of “living with autism,” the Play-Place Autism & Special Needs Center is dedicated to inclusion, acceptance, and support. Through a unique play-powered environment, Play-Place offers recreation, education, therapy, life skills, social development, health & fitness, resource management, and vocational training. We are proud to support the Play-Place Autism & Special Needs Center with a $1,000 donation to advance their mission.


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