Operation Common Good
Authored By: Farmington Hills Office on 8/1/2018

Operation Common Good

Supported by our Farmington Hills Office

Operation Common Good


The work that Operation Common Good has discreetly done for 13 years is phenomenal! It's difficult for people to ask for help, and even more so within an affluent community. OCG has created a great sense of comradery among the students and staff in Farmington Public Schools, and we are thrilled to take part in it.

Monique H., MSGCU Community Relations Specialist



Our branch team in Farmington Hills partnered with Operation Common Good (OCG) to help change the lives of homeless and at-risk students in the local community. OCG was formed by a handful of teachers and students within Farmington Public Schools who wanted to give to those in their district who have less. "I couldn't believe we had homeless families right in our own school, right in our own community," says Hatty Ligon, one of the OCG founding teachers.

In 2004, Operation Common Good endeavored to help one homeless family. The work began with some students collecting loose change from their fellow classmates. Two weeks later, $3,000 had been donated, along with clothing, blankets, and holiday presents—enough to help not just one family, but four.

Today, OCG has become part of the fabric of Farmington Public Schools. The program continues to grow, sponsoring fundraisers throughout the year across the district. MSGCU is delighted to affiliate with Operation Common Good to support those in need of a helping hand. Our $1,000 donation will be used to purchase everyday needs like food, clothing, and school supplies.

We are honored to support OCG's mission to help kids in Farmington to have the things they need to be successful and have fun at school. This is what it means to live by the credit union philosophy of “people helping people.”

To learn more about Operation Common Good, please visit their website.

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