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Text Banking

Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union's Text Banking uses simple command shortcuts that allow you to quickly and easily access your account for balance inquiries, to make transfers, and to manage your Online Banking security. After you register, simply text any of the shortcuts listed below to 90703. Please use the corresponding Share or Loan ID for each transaction you'd like to make (e.g. S0001, S0007, S0075, L0001, L0030, L0090). 


Transaction Type

BAL SXXXX or LXXXX Get a balance on your share or loan
HIST SXXXX or LXXXX Get transaction history on your share or loan
NEXT Get the next five transactions of transaction history (after receiving the first response on a history command)
TRAN SXXXX LXXXX 200 Transfer $200 from selected share or loan to the selected share or loan
LOCK Lock Internet Account Access (login not allowed)
UNLOCK Unlock Internet Account Access (login allowed) 
HELP Get contact information
COM Get a list of available Text Banking commands


Ready to get started?

To enroll in Text Banking, login to Online Banking. Then hover over Other Services and click on Text Banking. There, you can register a mobile device for use with the service.

Log into Online Banking


We protect your security

  • Handsets must be registered within Online Banking prior to using the system. You can choose to deactivate the handset at any time.
  • Account numbers are never shared through Text Banking

Still have questions?

Consult our Mobile Banking Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

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