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Direct Deposit

There's no need to stand in line waiting to deposit your paycheck week after week. It's simple to set up this free service, and your income will automatically be deposited directly into your checking or regular savings account. You will have the security of never having anyone else handle your check and the convenience of being able to verify your deposit — anytime — through our Online Banking site.

To set up a direct deposit to MSGCU, you will need to provide your account number and MSGCU’s routing/transit number 272480173 to your employer's payroll department. A voided paper check can be provided to your employer to complete this step. Or, simply download and complete this form and provide it to your employer* instead.

Note: You can follow this same process if you are receiving income from a government agency.

*To keep your personal account information safe, please provide a printed copy of this form to your employer. Never include sensitive information via email.


Automatic Funds Transfer

The Automatic Funds Transfer program is a free feature within Online Banking that allows you to set up a transfer of funds from one account to another on a recurring basis. Funds may be transferred between any Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union accounts weekly, biweekly, monthly, or annually.

You may set up multiple transfers for a variety of reasons, such as loan payments, savings deposits, or to pay household bills. You can even arrange for a check to be mailed to you on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.


Payroll Deduction

You can save time by having all or a portion of your paycheck deposited into your account with Payroll Deduction. Once set up, your funds are available immediately (on your regular payday), and best of all it is free.