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Workshops and More

You are invited to attend any or all of Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union's free workshops.  Registration is required. Please call 586.263.8800 or 1.866.MSGCU4U or e-mail workshops@msgcu.org.

Note: Due to the remodeling of our Main and Troy Offices, our workshops will be held at the following locations until further notice:

Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD): 44001 Garfield Rd, Clinton Twp., MI
Troy Community Center: 3179 Livernois Rd, Troy, MI
Chesterfield Library: 50560 Patricia Ave., New Baltimore, MI

Youth Checking and Lending (Several Sessions Available)
Wednesday, September 24 6 p.m. – Troy Community Center, Room 303
Wednesday, November 12 6 p.m. – Chesterfield Library 

Does your teen know how to handle his or her finances in the real world? We invite you both to join us for an educational workshop on the proper usage of checking and lending products. (This workshop is geared toward teens aged 16 to 17.) After this session, qualified teens will be able to open a checking account and apply for a low-interest, low-limit credit card with parental consent.



Home Buyer's
NEW DATE: Wednesday, July 23 6 p.m. – Troy Community Center, Room 303

Our Mortgage Experts will walk attendees through the entire home buying process. Learn the secrets of successful home buying, including budgeting, pre-qualification, inspection, closing, and other valuable home purchasing tips. Those who attend this workshop will receive a coupon for a free mortgage appraisal worth up to $300 if they apply for their mortgage loan with MSGCU!

Wills and Trusts
NEW DATE:Tuesday, August 19 6 p.m. – Troy Community Center, Room 302

At this workshop, we will talk about the benefits of using wills and trusts. Join us to find out about wills, types of trusts, estate taxation, probate system, digital legacy, durable power of attorney, forms of titling property, types of life insurance, and threats to family wealth.

VA/Medicaid Benefits
Wednesday, September 10 3 p.m. – MISD, Room 207B

If you have questions regarding the benefits available through Medicaid and the Veteran’s Administration join us for this informative workshop.  Valuable to veterans, their spouses, and caretakers of the elderly, this will clarify the complicated process of qualifying, applying, and utilizing benefits such as home care, assisted living, and nursing care.

Roadmap to Retirement
Wednesday, September 17 6 p.m. – MISD, Room 207B

The retirement journey begins with saving for the future, and then travels through asset allocation, consolidation, protection, and, finally, drives to retirement income and wealth transfer. To help you prepare for your journey towards and through retirement, join us for a conversation facilitated by Financial Advisor George Johnson, detailing important “mile markers” from your 40s through 70s to help you most effectively reach your retirement destination.



Financial Aid
Wednesday, November 19 6 p.m. – Location TBD

This workshop will cover common questions relating to financial aid for college, including the types and sources of aid, the basis for determining financial need, the financial aid application process, information about student loans, and cautions on scholarship scams.  


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