The right financial tools help you prepare your students for their future

Our 45-minute in-class programs cover various financial topics to help high school students (including special ed students) understand how to use money and credit wisely. Here's a sampling:

  • Intro to Credit Cards
  • Credit Reports and Scores
  • Checking Account Management
  • Credit Unions and Banks
  • Checks & Registers
  • Financial Jeopardy

Other topics are available and we can customize a presentation for your school. Last year, our financial education programs reached more than 4,000 students in 30 Southeast Michigan schools in Oakland, Macomb and Western Wayne counties.

Students experience real-world situations

There's nothing more powerful than immersing students in real money-management situations to help them understand the impact of their choices. Our Financial Reality Fairs simulate one month of independent adult living with hands-on experiences. Here's what students do during this workshop:

  • Choose a job with a starting salary and deductions
  • Receive a credit score
  • Choose which goods and services they need to purchase
  • Borrow and save at the credit union
  • Balance a budget to live within their means
  • Visit a financial counselor to explore ways to improve their finances

Financial Reality Fairs are sponsored by Michigan Credit Union Foundation (MCUF) and hosted by MSGCU's Education Team and additional staff volunteers. Participating schools must have 50–300 students and a large room available for Life Stations. We'll supply all the program materials and instructions needed to maximize the benefits for each participant.

Michigan school teachers love us, too.

Our educators are always on the road, providing valuable programs for students to help them learn about money and make better decisions.

"I really can't thank you enough for Tuesday's Financial Literacy presentation. What a wonderful way for students to learn about money, banking, and economics! As teachers, we appreciate the way your presentation is aligned with so many of our curriculum standards, too!"
"They thoroughly loved your presentation, with lots of talk the next day of all the new things they learned — especially their new understanding of how to better use their debit cards."
"Thank you so much! The kids really enjoyed the session and so did the teachers! Very informative and it definitely helps me zero in on topics that are confusing for my kids. I highly recommend this to other teachers!"
"When working with students who are new to American language and culture, it is important that they receive financial knowledge from the very basic to planning for their future. If we are to produce students that are truly successful, we need to ensure that they can succeed in all facets of life."

Our free financial education programs are award-winning resources for your school, having recently won the Excellence in Consumer Education Award from the Michigan Credit Union Foundation and the Desjardins Financial Education Awards for Youth and Adult from the Michigan Credit Union League.

Shannon McIntosh — Consumer Education Specialist

Shannon McIntosh

Shannon received a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Liberal Arts from Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa, and a Master of Arts in English Literature and Linguistics from Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant.

For more than seven years at MSGCU, Shannon has taught financial literacy education to countless classrooms, member workshops, and community groups. Plus, she has more than 20 years of experience teaching and presenting to groups. An award-winning partner, Shannon has been named Business Partner of the Year for the Anchor Bay School District (2019), Warren Consolidated School District (2018), and received the Excellence in Consumer Education from the Michigan Credit Union Foundation (2015). Additionally, she has received numerous Credit Union National Administration (CUNA) awards for Excellence in Consumer Education for working with adults and youth. Prior to MSGCU, she was an Adjunct Professor of English at Macomb Community College in Clinton Township.

Colleen Godfrey — Consumer Education Specialist

Colleen Godfrey

Colleen attended Oakland University where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in History, a Teaching Certificate in Secondary Education, and a Master of Arts in Teaching.

Colleen has been with MSGCU for more than six years and has provided personal finance education to schools, libraries, community organizations, and more. She enjoys working with teens and coordinating interactive Financial Reality Fairs. Colleen also promotes financial literacy initiatives such as Money Smart Kids Read, Money Smart Scouts, and the Personal Finance Challenge. She is active in Michigan Credit Union League’s Financial Education Connection and the National Youth Involvement Board. Colleen has received numerous awards including Excellence in Consumer Education from the Michigan Credit Union Foundation (2015) and Alphonse Desjardins Awards for Adult and Youth Financial Literacy from the Credit Union National Administration (CUNA). Prior to MSGCU, she taught in a middle school and at Sylvan Learning Center.

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