It's the picture perfect way to deposit your checks

  • Download the free MSGCU Mobile App
    Hyperlink to download MSGCU mobile app via App StoreHyperlink to download MSGCU Mobile App via Google Play
  • Log in, the select Mobile Deposit from the menu and follow the instructions in the app
  • Make sure "for Mobile Deposit Only at MSGCU" is written on the back of the check

Watch How to Deposit A Check via MSGCU’s Mobile App

You can deposit checks from just about anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. The process is quite safe, as MSGCU protects our members using password access, encryption technology and other security methods.


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*To be eligible for Mobile Deposit, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a checking account with a positive balance. Please speak with an MSGCU Representative for more details.

How to use mobile deposit

1. Make sure that the front and back of your check are filled out completely.

When using Mobile Deposit, the back of your check must be endorsed with your signature and "For MSGCU Mobile Deposit Only."

Endorsement Image


2. Log into your account, using your online banking credentials.

Login Screen


3. Tap the "Mobile Deposit" button.

Main Screen

4. Select "Make a Deposit."

Mobile Deposit Popup


5. If this is your first use, you'll need to accept our Service Agreement to proceed.

Service Agreement screen

6. Please note that Mobile Deposits take up to one business day to post to your account.

Deposit Timing Screen


7. Select "Deposit To" and choose from the available accounts.

Deposit To Screen


8. Select "Amount" and, when the keyboard displays, enter the amount written on the check.

Enter Deposit Amount Screen


9. Next, select "Front" and you will be prompted to photograph the front of the check.

Select Front Screen

10. Make sure the check stays within the green guidelines in order to take the photo.

Photograph Front Screen

Check that the captured image looks correct and is readable. Then tap "Use."

Capture Front Screen


11. After you've submitted the image, the software will verify that the image meets processing requirements.

Verify Front


12. Next, select "Back" and you will be prompted to photograph the signature side of the check.

Select Back Screen


13. Make sure that the back of the check includes both your signature and "For MSGCU Mobile Deposit Only." When taking the picture, keep the check within the green guidelines to take the photo.

Photograph Back Screen

14. Once again, the software will verify that the image meets all processing requirements.

Verify Back Screen


15. You will be notified when your deposit has been processed successfully. Tap ok to proceed.

Deposit Completed Screen


16. The Deposit Information associated with your transaction will display next. Keep for your records if you like, or simply click ok.

Deposit Information Screen


17. The next time you log into the mobile app, your deposit will be available in your account history. 

Account History Screen