Move your money on a schedule. Make your payments on time.

  • Automatic Funds Transfer is a free feature within Online Banking
  • Set up a transfer of funds between your MSGCU accounts on a recurring basis
  • Funds may be transferred between most of your MSGCU accounts weekly, biweekly, monthly, or annually
  • Set up multiple transfers for a variety of reasons, such as building up your savings or covering monthly bills.

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Automate transfers to your MSGCU savings or checking accounts.

  • Set up recurring transfers between accounts at other financial institutions and MSGCU
  • Log in to Online Banking and select "Transfer Funds, Other Institutions"
  • Make sure you have the other institution's routing number and your account number accessible while following the screen prompts to set up recurring transfers
  • After you verify your transfer request, we'll make a small deposit to and withdrawal from your account at the other financial institution
  • Keep in mind, the setup is not finalized until you verify those transactions by entering their amounts under the Manage Institutions tab and clicking the gear icon next to the name of your other institution

We make it easy for you to transfer funds automatically to help you build up savings, pay bills, and accomplish your other money-management goals.