Expect more from your go-to financial institution

  • As a resident of Michigan, you and your family members are eligible to open MSGCU accounts
  • It's easy to make the switch from your existing financial institution
  • We'll give you your first $25 deposit when you open a Government Employee Pack
  • We offer scholarship programs for first-responders
  • Use free Direct Deposit to automatically deposit your paycheck into the account of your choice
  • Set up Automatic Funds Transfers to make monthly payments on your MSGCU loans and mortgage

We work hard to keep our members happy. Maybe that's why we have had a 97% satisfaction rating for more than 20 years — and why members often refer friends and family to Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union. It seems appropriate that we thank them in some tangible way. Our referral program offers cash rewards to current and new members.

Achieve your goals

  • Many government workers qualify for FHA government-backed mortgages that are often available to first-time home buyers
  • Loans come with low down payment requirements and low closing costs
  • Looking to the future, our financial consultants can make sure you're on the right path with your retirement savings
  • As a member, you receive a free consultation and assistance finding the best retirement tools for you

Want to do some research on your own? Use our Mortgage Refinance Breakeven Calculator to figure out how much refinancing might save you. Our Mortgage Payoff Calculator can show you how you could save thousands of dollars by increasing your monthly payments. And our Retirement Income Calculator estimates how much income your savings might provide you in retirement.

Increase your knowledge to improve your finances

  • Responsible money management begins with a strong foundation in financial literacy
  • MSGCU offers free financial education presentations for you and your co-workers on such topics as checking accounts, obtaining credit, budgeting, savings, and investments
  • MSGCU also offers free educational workshops each month on a variety of financial topics. Upcoming workshops are posted to our website each month

Want to schedule a presentation for your team? Just email us at workshops@msgcu.org. Want to stay on the right financial track year-round? Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union offers free desktop calendars to all the government offices that we serve.