Going paperless saves trees. It's also a safe step.

  • Enroll in eStatements in Mobile or Online Banking under Additional Services
  • Get fast access to your current Account, Mortgage, and Credit Card statements, as well as important notices about your account
  • View statements from the previous 12 months
  • Print account documents, such as statements, notices and tax documents

With eStatements, you'll get access to your statements several days sooner than paper ones. By using our Preference Center, located in Online and Mobile Banking under settings, you can customize you statement delivery preferences. Prefer a mailed paper statement for your credit card but an electronic version for your mortgage? It’s your choice!

Enrolling is eStatements is easy. Log in to Mobile or Online Banking, select Additional Services in the left-hand menu. Then, under the eStatements section, click the toggle to turn it blue and then click Save Changes. For step-by-step instructions, watch the videos below.

When you enroll in eStatements, you'll get access to your statements and important account notices several days sooner than paper ones. They also reduce the chance that someone might gain access to your personal account information by tampering with the mail. Enrolling in eStatements it easy and takes just a few minutes. This video will walk you through how to do that.

eStatement Enrollment - Desktop

This video will show you how to enroll in eStatements through MSGCU's online banking. View transcript.

eStatement Enrollment - Mobile

Enrolling in eStatements is easy and safe in the MSGCU Mobile App. View transcript.



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