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Providing financial education is just one way we champion you and your goals. Whether you’re a goal getter, busy multitasker, up-and-comer and anything in-between, we’re here. From 24/7 on-demand articles by MSGCU experts to personalized one-on-one financial counseling at our branch offices, we are here to help how you need us.

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Interactive financial education

Five minutes is all it takes to interact with a lesson. Or take a full playlist to take your financial knowledge to the next level. Get started here. Or check out our most popular topics:

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Our blog is home to articles, infographics and other content from the friendly experts right here at MSGCU.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Spoofing Scams

Here’s What You Need to Know About Spoofing Scams

Modern technology has enabled scammers to be sneakier and harder to spot than ever before. Here’s what you need to know about spoofing and spoofing scams.

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Stay Safe from Scams

Stay safe from scams.

Financial institutions are seeing increases in fraud. Learn to spot the warning signs to avoid falling victim from texts like these.

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Avoid Student Loan Scams

Avoid Student Loan Scams

Student loan interest and payments have resumed from the pandemic pause, which means scammers are back to work. Read on to learn more about common student loan scams.

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MSGCU Workshops

Award-winning presentations from MSGCU experts are available in-person and virtually to help you get started with cash and credit or be ready for the homebuying (or refinancing) process.

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In-person and virtual education in schools and in the community.

From structured lessons to financial reality fairs, our consumer education specialists can bring adulting to life for students or our local communities. Learn more about classroom presentations.

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One-on-one in-depth support

Each branch office has at least one certified financial counselor on staff when you prefer a more hands-on approach. Our friendly MSGCU team members can also help you evaluate your spending, find smart solutions for your unique needs, and help you make a budget.

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