Camille S. | Mortgage Consultant

I work with our members to make the financing of their current home or the home of their dreams a seamless, simple, and educational process. I also network directly with realtors and other agents in the area to share the benefits MSGCU has to offer all future homeowners.

A day in my life:

Depends on the day! My week is shared at the branch, work from home or at networking events. When at the branches or at home, I speak with members 1 on 1 to determine how MSGCU can assist with their financing, we work together to build a solution to help them achieve their goals. I work with our internal teams to get my existing loans to closing by helping to gather documentation needed. I update our members on their files in addition to speaking with realtors and to share progress points up to closing. I help answer questions of my teammates and I also participate in different committees with MSGCU to engage our team. At networking events, I meet with local realtors (and other relevant retail partners) to build a relationship so we can eventually share complimentary business with each other.

Something that surprised me after I started working at MSGCU:

How accessible and helpful leadership is as well as how quickly we adapt to the changing market by providing new solutions to our members and teammates.

How is MSGCU different than other financial institutions you've worked for?

I feel like a team member here vs an employee. I do not see my supervisors or leadership team daily but they are accessible always, even calling just to say “hi”. While I have still have goals to achieve, I feel they are realistic and I feel supported to achieve them.

Where I want to be in 5 years:

Definitely with MSGCU in some capacity – either continuing to master my current role or helping others grow in their role.

Interviewing advice/tips:

Relax! Prepare yourself for your role by reviewing our website with the solutions we offer and how you can compliment that with your skillset, study up on any skill gap opportunities. Visit a branch and open your membership – ask the team how they like working here (it will put you at ease). Have confidence in yourself and your experience.


A Day in the Life - Camille

About Camille

  • Title: Mortgage Consultant
  • Years of service: 2
  • Graduated from: Baker College of Auburn Hills – Associates Degree in Applied Science
  • Office location: Shelby Township
  • Favorite thing about MSGCU: We are local, we care about our members, our teammates, and our communities and show it through our scholarships, workshops, involvement and how we act every day.