Macomb Literacy Partners
Authored By: Main Office on Garfield on 2/1/2018

Macomb Literacy Partners

Supported by our Main Office on Garfield Road

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Macomb Literacy Partners has a rich history of positively impacting the lives of individuals and families in Macomb County. MSGCU is proud to provide funding to continue this great work.

Jeanette D., MSGCU Business Development and Community Relations Manager



Our Clinton Township branch team has partnered with Macomb Literacy Partners (MLP) to support their mission to eliminate illiteracy in the local community. Every day, MLP helps Macomb families learn to read, write, and speak in English. Since their creation in 1984, the non-profit organization has been providing group and one-on-one tutoring for adults and their children. Students come from all backgrounds and educational levels, and gather in class twice a week to work on their literacy goals.

"After I dropped out of school, I tried a couple of times and just gave up. Then I had my daughter. I knew I had to try again so I could help her and be the best mom I could be. My tutor, Peggy, taught me how to read. I couldn't have done it without her. Now, I'm teaching my daughter how to read.” – Shonda, MLP Student

MLP volunteer tutors help adults of all ages become citizens, graduate from high school, reach higher career goals, and ultimately lead a more fulfilling life while working to break the generational cycle of illiteracy. Tutors often become more than literacy advocates – they become lifelong friends for students sometimes living in a new place and learning a new culture.

MLP plans annual book fairs, races, buffet dinners, and other fundraisers to support their on-going mission. We are honored to give back to MLP and support their vital programs with a $1,000 donation.

To learn more about Macomb Learning Partners, please visit their website.


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