New benefits for members with direct deposit

As your financial champion, we are proud to always have your best interest at heart. This includes keeping more money in your pocket with lower fees and market-leading rates. Beginning in early October, several changes will positively impact you.

Early credit of payroll deposits

  • Payroll direct deposits will be credited up to two days early, provided the funds are received from your employer. This gives you early access to funds and helps prevent overdrafts before they occur.

Fee eliminations and reductions
Members with $250 or more in monthly direct deposits will benefit from:

  • Elimination of Non-Sufficient Funds
  • Elimination of Overdraft Transfer fees
  • Reduction of the Courtesy Pay fee to $20

Courtesy Pay enhancements
Courtesy Pay is a service members enroll in to protect their checking account in the event that there are not sufficient funds to cover a transaction. Members with $250 or more in monthly direct deposits will also experience the following beneficial Courtesy Pay changes.

  • The first overdrawn $50 will be fee free, providing a buffer before a Courtesy Pay fee may be charged.
  • A maximum of four Courtesy Pay fees per day will be charged, providing relief should you have multiple overdrafts on the same day.
  • Members will receive an additional $500 in overdraft coverage due to increasing the Courtesy Pay maximum limit to $1,500.

Most members will automatically experience these beneficial changes with their direct deposit. Visit to add direct deposit to your account and learn more about Courtesy Pay at

$250 in direct deposits must occur in the previous month for fee reduction or elimination.

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