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Authored By: Troy Office on 6/1/2016

Troy Community Coalition

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Troy Coalition/Troy Police


Getting involved in the Troy Community Coalition Summer Camp and participate hands-on with the children was extremely fulfilling. You feel the energy of all the children enjoying themselves in a safe and positive atmosphere. All the hard work that the group of teen youth leaders and volunteer staff put into the program is apparent to everyone. The passion and care they have for the campers is undeniable.

Vivian, Branch Service Specialist



In June of 2016, members of the Troy team visited the Troy Community Coalition to make a donation to their summer safety camp, a partnership with Troy Police. The Troy branch also hosted an ice cream social for the campers later that summer.

“The Troy Community Coalition is an outstanding non-profit organization that is dedicated to making a difference in the Troy community,” said branch manager Tina. “They provide children with the opportunity to engage in a number of fun activities that sparks creativity, while still allowing them to be active. It is great to see the local police officers leading workshops that correlate to subjects kids deal with on a daily basis. It was a pleasure to give back to such a deserving organization.”

Diane, another Troy team member, agreed. “It was such an enjoyable experience being able to give back to an organization that gives back to the community themselves. They provide transportation and financial aid to those families who otherwise would not be able to send their child to summer camp. The positive interactions between the campers was wonderful to see.”


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