The Angel House
Authored By: Office at 8 Mile and Farmington on 12/1/2017

The Angel House

Supported by our Livonia office at 8 Mile and Farmington

The Angel House


The more we talk about domestic violence, the more we build awareness that could prevent harm to members of our communities—family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers.

Marjorie R., Branch Sales Manager



Presenting a $1000 check to the Angel HouseOur branch team at 8 Mile and Farmington is supporting The Angel House, a Livonia-based non-profit organization. 

The Angel House was created to help victims of domestic violence start a new life. Their network safely relocates local women and their children to homes in other states, while paying for their basic needs along the way.

They are also committed to providing survivors the education and training needed to thrive after abuse. From support groups to workshops to self-defense classes, their goal is to empower survivors to advocate for themselves and their families.

In October 2017, the team attended the Purple Gala to pledge $1,000 in support of The Angel House and its continued efforts. 

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