Angels of Hope
Authored By: Office on 18 Mile and Mound on 4/1/2017

Angels of Hope

Supported by our office at 18 Mile and Mound

Angels of Hope


Losing my dad to cancer in 2008 made me want to do more and get involved to help others. I participate in walks in memory of my dad. While doing a walk on the Riverwalk, I met a couple of board members from Angels of Hope. When they told me what they do, I knew we had to get involved.

Jacqueline M., Branch Sales Manager



Our Sterling Heights team at 18 Mile and Mound supported Angels of Hope in 2017 with a donation of $1,000. This local organization provides financial assistance to children—and those who love and care for them—as they battle cancer.

"This organization is an important cause because in one way, shape or form, we all know someone who is or was affected by cancer and know the toll it takes," said Vivian, MSGCU Assistant Branch Manager. "Especially children; seeing them have to put aside living their childhood, put on a brave face, and battle this disease. It hits close to home."

Branch Sales Manager Jacqueline also mentioned that Angels of Hope does more than just provide financial support. "Angels of Hope helped a family that I know by giving their child a wish. The little boy was able to fulfill a dream of being a Detroit Police Chief for the day."

The team made the donation at Angels of Hope's spring fundraising event, Night of Hope, on March 21, 2017.



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