Cops for Kids
Authored By: St. Clair Shores Office on 3/1/2017

Cops for Kids

Supported by our St. Clair Shores Office

Cops for Kids


It is heartbreaking that there are children from underprivileged families that don't have the experience of opening presents on Christmas morning. Choosing Cops for Kids ensures more parents can give their children a Merry Christmas.

Garrett C., Teller



In March 2017, officers from Cops for Kids visited the St. Clair Shores Branch to accept a donation to their program. St. Clair Shores Police formed Cops for Kids more than 40 years ago to help deserving children and their families in the community. T

“These officers give so much to this community and when we heard about Cops for Kids, we knew we wanted to help,” said the St. Clair Shores branch manager. “They touch so many lives and that is a mission we are proud to be part of.”

Alex, an MSGCU teller, agrees. “The Shores Branch felt that assisting Cops for Kids would be the perfect chance to help families within our local community. We are proud to support this charity and hope it will provide help for the families who need it the most!"


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