Chesterfield Fire Department
Authored By: Chesterfield Office on 23 Mile on 5/1/2018

Chesterfield Fire Department

Supported by our Chesterfield Office

Chesterfield Fire Department


MSGCU is proud to partner with The Chesterfield Fire Department and host an open house to allow the community to learn about important fire safety tactics. Fire safety education and emergency preparedness is the best defense when the unexpected happens.

Theresa C., MSGCU Branch Manager



Since 1954, the Chesterfield Fire Department has dedicated their efforts to keeping the community, environment, and property of Chesterfield Township safe from danger. Selfless firefighters provide fire safety education, inspections, suppression, investigations, emergency medical support, disaster response, and hazardous materials mitigation with the highest level of service to the community.

Knowing how essential they are to the area, the Chesterfield Branch on 23 Mile Road is proud to support the men and women that pledge their lives to serving the community and saving lives with a donation of $1,000.

We believe it’s important to support the organizations that keep our communities safe. We are honored to present our donation to the Chesterfield Fire Department.

To learn more about the Chesterfield Fire Department, please visit their website.


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