MSGCU Awards $45,000 in Classroom Cash Grants to Local Teachers

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI – Nov. 3, 2023 – Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union (MSGCU) is proud to announce its 2023 Classroom Cash Grants recipients. MSGCU is awarding more than $45,000 to 64 educators from 54 schools across the Metro Detroit area.

Each teacher is receiving a grant worth up to $750 to help implement innovative learning experiences that foster students’ exploration, independent thinking, and problem solving in the classroom. Teachers submitted creative project ideas that will enhance their curriculum in various subjects, including math, science, literacy, social and emotional learning, and physical education. As one of the many programs MSGCU delivers to support community members, the Classroom Cash Grants initiative has funded nearly 1,200 unique projects since it launched 18 years ago.

“While anyone in Michigan can bank with us, our heritage is rooted in education. MSGCU values the important work teachers do every day and we’re proud to help them bring enriching learning opportunities to their students,” said Steve Brewer, MSGCU President/CEO. “Providing grants to local teachers allows us to contribute to classrooms in the communities we serve and ensure educators have the resources they need to conduct innovative academic projects.”

Classroom Cash Grants winners are determined based on total votes cast by students, parents, colleagues, family members, and friends. More than 108,000 votes were cast during the 11-day public online voting period this year. The program is open annually to all teachers in the communities MSGCU serves and applications are accepted starting in early September.

Teachers use the MSGCU grant funds to bring fun and interesting lessons to their students. For example, this year, an educator at Power Middle School in Farmington Hills will purchase 3D printers to use in an eighth-grade science class. Students will create 3D models that will help them visualize complex ideas like the physics of roller coasters. A teacher at Peace Lutheran School in Utica will integrate technology into the music classroom by purchasing various tools for teaching students how to write code and program a robot to move and play a composition.

2023 MSGCU Classroom Cash Grants Program Recipients

Kristin Anderson, Anchor Bay High School (Macomb)
Erica Ballard, Power Middle School (Oakland)
Shelly Bartolotta, Romeo High School (Macomb)
Allison Boska, L'Anse Creuse Middle School North (Macomb)
Nikka Bowers, Harper Woods Middle School (Wayne)
Julie Bowyer, Wiley Elementary School (Macomb)
Adam Burns, Troy Athens High School (Oakland)
Allison Buscemi, Jack Harvey Elementary School (Macomb)
Julie Busch, DeKeyser Elementary School (Macomb)
Alison Bushaw, Kennedy Middle School (Macomb)
Adam Carr, Dowagiac Middle School (Cass)
Jennifer Casbar, Huron Academy (Macomb)
April Clos, Kaiser Elementary School (Macomb)
Rae Cloyd, West Utica Elementary School (Macomb)
Donna Cotton, Harper Woods High School (Wayne)
Jan Cranston, Discovery Middle School (Wayne)
Tracy Dex, Beacon Tree Elementary School (Macomb)
Brandy Eichinger, Hemmeter Elementary School (Saginaw)
Lisa Eiland, Mary Helen Guest Elementary School (Oakland)
Jodi Gates, Faith Christian School (Macomb)
Nicholas Gensheimer, Power Middle School (Oakland)
Candace Ivy, Plumbrook Elementary School (Macomb)
Abigail Johnson, Lincoln High School (Macomb)
Laura Laban, Ebeling Elementary School (Macomb)
Kristen Leinart, Jefferson Middle School (Macomb)
David Licari, Algonquin Elementary School (St. Clair)
Shelby Liebler-Kukuk, Lanse Creuse Middle School South (Macomb)
Nicole Lutomski, Greenwood Elementary School (Macomb)
Jill Majewski, New Haven Elementary School (Macomb)
Karyn McConachie, Eppler Junior High School (Macomb)
Susan Meadows, Jack Harvey Elementary School (Macomb)
Alisa Meier, Liberty Middle School (Wayne)
Sarah Miesch, Rochester High School (Oakland)
Kim Myers, Wheat Early Childhood Center (Macomb)
Amy Orlando, Beacon Tree Elementary School (Macomb)
Brett Orlowski, Henry Ford II High School (Macomb)
Cheryl Pietraszewski, Adlai Stevenson High School (Macomb)
Amber Pietraszewski, John A. Bozymowski Center for Education (Macomb)
Tamara Powell, Isaac Monfort Elementary School (Macomb)
Susan Riedel, Switzer Elementary School (Macomb)
Jennifer Roussin, Princeton Elementary School (Macomb)
Stephanie Roy, Crissman Elementary School (Macomb)
Alexandria Rugenstein, Tyrone Elementary School (Wayne)
Ilissa Saginaw, Botsford Elementary School (Oakland)
Michael Sauer, Seneca Middle School (Macomb)
Keith Silage, Roseville High School (Macomb)
Maryann Smith, Roseville Middle School (Macomb)
Linda Smith, Peace Lutheran School (Macomb)
Dawn Sommers, Einstein Elementary School (Oakland)
Gary Speshock II, Anchor Bay High School (St. Clair)
Jennifer Steele, Princeton Elementary School (Macomb)
Paige Strunk, Beacon Tree Elementary School (Macomb)
Stefanie Taylor, Ebeling Elementary School (Macomb)
Alexis Timm, Beacon Tree Elementary School (Macomb)
Melissa Tuccini, Lessenger & Edmonson Elementary School (Oakland)
Amanda Turpin, Richmond Middle School (Macomb)
Michelle Vanston, Doherty Elementary School (Oakland)
Sarah Vrabel, Edmonson Elementary School (Oakland)
Liliy Vuljevic, Little Turtle Early Childhood Center (Macomb)
Bridget Wallman, Discovery Middle School (Wayne)
Kimberly Wasmund, Croswell Early Childhood Center (Macomb)
Heather Weaver, Lakeview Early Childhood Center (Macomb)
Cindy Woodrow, Lessenger Elementary School (Oakland)
Ashley Zachwieja, Cromie Elementary School (Macomb)

The credit union also helps local teachers by providing free financial education through in-person and virtual classroom presentations, low-rate classroom loans, and the Milo Perreault Educator Advantage Scholarship for continuing education.

For more information about the Classroom Cash Grants program and to view the grant recipients’ projects, visit