MSGCU Awards More Than $45,000 to Local Teachers

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI – Nov. 2, 2022 – Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union (MSGCU) is proud to announce its 2022 Classroom Cash Grants recipients. MSGCU is awarding more than $45,000 to 63 educators from 49 schools across the Metro Detroit area.

The grants are worth up to $750 each and help teachers implement innovative learning experiences that foster students’ exploration, independent thinking, and problem solving. With a heritage rooted in education, MSGCU values the important work teachers do every day, and is excited to help educators bring creative learning concepts to life in their classrooms. Since its inception, the Classroom Cash Grants program has awarded over half a million dollars to local educators. The program has funded more than 1,000 unique projects that otherwise wouldn’t be covered by school budgets.

“We strongly believe in the power of education and the important role educators play in the development of our youth,” said Steve Brewer, MSGCU President/CEO. “We are humbled to provide this resource to educators as they plan creative and impactful learning experiences in their classrooms this school year.”

Classroom Cash Grants program winners are determined based on total votes cast by students, parents, colleagues, family members, and friends. More than 127,000 votes were cast during the 11-day online voting period.

The Classroom Cash Grants program is open annually to all teachers in the communities MSGCU serves. The program is one way MSGCU shows its support for local educators. The Credit Union also offers financial education through its interactive financial education platform, virtual and in-person community workshops and classroom presentations, one-on-one support, low-rate classroom loans, and the Milo Perreault Educator Advantage Scholarship for continuing education.

2022 MSGCU Classroom Cash Grants Program Recipients

Bradley Akans, Algonquin Middle School (Macomb)
Katelyn Alexander, St. Germaine Catholic School (Macomb)
Tracy Allen, Sugarbush Elementary (Macomb)
Jennifer Beckemeyer, Collin's Elementary (Macomb)
Kristin Blanchard, Muir Middle School (Oakland)
Stephanie Bommarito, Beer Middle School (Macomb)
Linda Borton, Edmonson Elementary (Oakland)
Julie Bowyer, Wiley Elementary (Macomb)
Michelle Charron, Lessenger Elementary School (Oakland)
Ekaterini Chrisopoulos-Vergos, Merritt Academy (Macomb)
Ashley Cieplak, Merritt Academy (Macomb)
Stephanie Collins, Emerson Elementary (Macomb)
Ranya Croitori, McIntyre Elementary (Oakland)
Pamela Czerkis, Beacon Tree Elementary (Macomb)
Tracy Dex, Beacon Tree Elementary (Macomb)
Elizabeth Diehl, Oakland Schools Technical Campus Northeast (Oakland)
Jennifer Dixon, Anchor Bay High School (St. Clair)
James Donoghue, Lakeview High School (Macomb)
Gina Evans, Beacon Tree Elementary (Macomb)
Jennifer Green, Notre Dame Marist Academy Lower School (Oakland)
Carrie Grewette, Steenland Elementary (Macomb)
Candace Ivy, Plumbrook Elementary (Macomb)
Angela Jolley, Beacon Tree Elementary (Macomb)
Nicole Kotkoski, Robbie Hall Parker Elementary School (Macomb)
Laura Laban, Ebeling Elementary (Macomb)
Michele Laramie, Power Middle School (Oakland)
Sarah Laurence, Simonds Elementary School (Oakland)
Jaime Leslie, Huron Elementary School (Macomb)
Philip Lewan, Boulan Park Middle School (Oakland)
David Licari, Algonquin Elementary School (St. Clair)
Nicole Lutomski, Greenwood Elementary (Macomb)
Jill Majewski, New Haven Elementary (Macomb)
Christina Medley, Anchor Bay Middle School North (Macomb)
Kelly Mero, Maple Lane Elementary (Macomb)
Kim Myers, Wheat Early Childhood Center (Macomb)
Kevin O'Brien, Detroit Achievement Academy (Wayne)
Amy Orlando, Beacon Tree Elementary (Macomb)
Cheryl Pietraszewski, Adlai Stevenson High School (Macomb)
Tamara Powell, Isaac Monfort Elementary (Macomb)
Mary Beth Pries, Beacon Tree Elementary (Macomb)
Jen Rose, Monfort Elementary (Macomb)
Celeste Rudd, Royal Oak High School (Oakland)
Michael Sauer, Seneca Middle School (Macomb)
Nicole Schneider, Beacon Tree Elementary (Macomb)
Katherine Schuur, Lakeview High School (Macomb)
Sharada Sharp, Lakeview High School (Macomb)
Nick Skalsky, Henry Ford II High School (Macomb)
Dawn Sommers, Einstein Elementary (Oakland)
Lindsey Somoski, Anchor Bay High School (St. Clair)
Hilary Speshock, Beacon Tree Elementary (Macomb)
Debbie Taylor, Royal Oak Middle School (Oakland)
Trichelle Touma, Bentley School (Wayne)
Nancy Troyanovich, Duncan Elementary (Macomb)
Melissa Tuccini, Lessenger and Edmonson Elementary Schools (Oakland)
Angela Twiss, McIntyre Elementary (Oakland)
Sarah Vrabel, Edmonson Elementary (Macomb)
Ljiljana Vuljevic, Little Turtle Early Childhood Center (Macomb)
Connie Wakefield, Eisenhower High School (Macomb)
Kimberly Wasmund, Croswell Elementary (Macomb)
Heather Weaver, Lakeview Early Childhood Center (Macomb)
Gregory Wolff, Pierce Middle School (Wayne)
Kristen Woodruff, Sequoyah Elementary School (Macomb)
Ashley Zachwieja, Cromie Elementary School (Macomb)

For more information about the Classroom Cash Grants program and to view the grant recipients’ projects, visit