Lost track of your checking balance? You won't find yourself in trouble.

As your financial champion, MSGCU is always looking to help members. And sometimes that’s when you accidentally overdraw your account. Here’s how MSGCU has your back:

Early credits for payroll deposits

Payroll direct deposits will be in your account up to two days early, provided the funds are received from your employer. This gives you early access to funds and helps prevent overdrafts before they occur.

Protection from overdrawing your account

In addition to your paycheck direct deposited earlier, MSGCU can help you set up additional ways to help prevent overdrafts. Here are a few options:

Savings Account

If you accidentally overdraft your checking account, MSGCU can transfer the money directly from your savings account to cover the overdraft.

The first transfer each month is at no charge for all members. Additional transfers are at no charge for members with more than $250 in monthly direct deposit, otherwise a nominal fee applies (see our fee schedule). Most members, ages 18+, have this protection set up upon account opening and can choose to have one or more savings accounts connected to protect from overdrafts. Contact MSGCU if you would like to add another savings account to help protect your account or to check to make sure you’re covered.

Line of Credit Or Credit Card

Attach a line of credit or MSGCU credit card to your checking account, and it’ll cover overdrafts. There is no fee for this service, though interest charges may apply. Contact MSGCU to add a line of credit to help protect from overdrafts.

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay** is a service members enroll in to protect their checking account if there are not sufficient funds to cover a transaction. Once you have overdrawn your account more than the minimum balance shown below, each over-drafted transaction incurs a fee, up to a daily maximum. But you avoid returned-check fees and reduced credit scores because you can avoid overdrafts being reported to the business involved in the transaction or credit-rating agencies.

intentionally empty table head Members with $250 or more in monthly direct deposits* Members with less than $250 in monthly direct deposits

Courtesy Pay Fee

$20 $30

Maximum Courtesy Pay fees charged per day

4 6

Minimum Overdraft Balance before a Courtesy Pay fee is charged

-$50 -$5

Courtesy Pay limit for qualified accounts, including fees

$1,500 $1,000

Learn more about Courtesy Pay.

Sign up for Courtesy Pay in Online Banking, under Additional Services. You may also contact us.

**Overdraft Protection account must meet Credit Union criteria for Courtesy Pay service. You must opt-in separately to authorize ATM and everyday debit transactions. Whether overdrafts will be paid is discretionary, and the Credit Union reserves the right to not pay if the account is not in good standing. A fee of up to $30 may be charged for each check, ATM or debit card transaction or debit by other electronic means when a member has non-sufficient funds in the account. Negative balances must be paid within 16 days. See a Member Service Representative for details.

Review complete program details and opt-in disclosure. Extend Courtesy Pay to ATM and debit card transactions by completing this form and returning it to a Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union branch.

*$250 in direct deposits must occur in the previous month for fee reduction or elimination.