Lost track of your checking balance? You won't find yourself in trouble.

  • Members can designate a line of credit, savings account, or credit card to cover checking account overdrafts
  • No fees are assessed if shortfalls are covered by credit, though interest charges apply
  • Fees may apply if overdrafts are covered by a savings account
  • It's easy. Visit any MSGCU branch or call 866.674.2848 to find out what Overdraft Protection options are available for your account. Simply log into Online Banking and click the settings gear for your checking account. You can select from the list of available accounts where you want your overdraft protection to transfer from.

The best reason to arrange for Overdraft Protection is that Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union will honor your check payments even if you've overdrawn your account. You won't have to pay sky-high bounced check fees to any merchant and you can avoid harming your credit rating. There are other ways to guard against big overdraft penalties. Find out about MSGCU's Courtesy Pay plan.

Overdraft Protection Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Be Sure I Have Overdraft Protection Set Up For My Account?
Does Overdraft Protection Have Any Fees?


How Can I Be Sure I Have Overdraft Protection Set Up for My Account?

You can visit any branch location or call the Credit Union at 866.674.2848 to verify what Overdraft Protection options are currently in place for your account.

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Does Overdraft Protection Have Any Fees?

Fees are not assessed if you are utilizing Overdraft Protection from a Line of Credit; however, interest charges may apply. When utilizing the overdraft transfer option from a designated Savings Account, a service fee may apply. If you do not have an approved Line of Credit or Savings Account set up as Overdraft Protection and your account becomes overdrawn, Courtesy Pay or NSF (non-sufficient funds) fees may apply.

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