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Six Ways to Protect Yourself Against Cyber Attacks By MSGCU on 7/28/2023
Infographic describing 6 ways to protect yourself from cybersecurity attack.


Six Ways to Protect Yourself Against Cyber Attacks (Text Version)

  • Update your software and operating systems to ensure that you have the strongest and most current protection.
  • Use anti-virus software. This software will detect, and remove, threats in real-time.
  • Use strong, unique passwords across all your online accounts. Vary your use of capitalization, symbols, letters, and numbers.
  • Never open email attachments from unknown senders. These can download/install malware onto your device.
  • Never click on links from unknown senders.
  • Avoid using unsecured public Wi-Fi. These networks leave you vulnerable to attacks.

If you believe you may have fallen victim and your identity or MSGCU accounts may have been compromised, contact us at (586) 263-8800 or (866) 674-2848 right away so we can help.


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