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See you at the drive-thru.By MSGCU on 9/21/2020
MSGCU drive-thru infographic



See you at the drive-thru (Text Version)


See you at the drive-thru

  • Pick an open lane and pull up.
  • A friendly MSGCU team member will greet you through the speaker. If you don't hear from them, press the call button.
  • Let the team member know what you'd like to do. For example: "I’d like to withdraw forty dollars.” Or "“I’d like to make a deposit.”
  • Remove the tube from the tube carrier and place your items in it. Be sure to include your driver's license (or other identification).
  • Put the tube in the tube carrier and press send. The tube travels to your friendly MSGCU team member inside the building. You can send items back and forth as many times as necessary to complete your request.Fun fact! Tubes travel at speeds more than 20 mph propelled by air pressure!
  • Don’t forget to take your license and other items from the tube when done and place the empty tube back in the carrier.
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